Conductive Fabric - 36.2"x 42.5" Ripstop




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Abundant size

Measuring 42.5 x 36.2 inches.( 3.5 x 3 lin ft) (108 x 90 cm)


  • It is conductive.
  • High quality copper and nickel filaments inside.
  • Easily to sew electronic features.
  • Ideal for grounding
  • Can be used to block cellphone signals
  • washable

This is a conductive knit fabric for use in e-textiles. The fabric is similar in feel to a nylon ripstop material. It is highly conductive with a surface resistivity of < 0.03 ohm/sq.

Thickness: 0.08mm (3 mil)
Width: 36.2 inch  Lenght: 42.5 inch

Weight: 90 g/m²
Resistivity: 0.03 Ohm/sq
Temp range: -40°C to 150°C, up to 200°C short term
Color: Silver
Base: Polyester
Conductor: Nickel/Copper plated

Nickel may produce skin allergies, this material is not intended for direct contact with skin.