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Great way to cheaply ground yourself while sleeping or on your computer. Can make 8 grounding mats with this one big sheet!


Perfect for grounding! (If you don't know what "grounding" is then watch [...] and prepare to be blown away on how we have lost our Earth connection which has caused so many of our Western health problems. Now endorsed even by two astronauts that walked on the moon!) Purchase with alligator click attached to a grounding plug. I bought this one on Amazon "GROUNDING CORD | 6-foot long, 3-prong gator with clip on" Can cut the sheet into 8 pieces. Comfortable enough to sleep on. With a $30 multi-meter I measured my resistance to ground with and without the conducting sheet this way. While standing on my floor with the black lead on the alligator clip and the red lead between my fingers, the meter read OL (open loop) or resistance beyond the meter limit of 2000 kOhms. But then when I stood on this conductive fabric, the resistance read 300 kOhms. So that allows my body potential to match that of the Earth while I sleep. Also before you plug in the ground plug, use an outlet tester like this one ( Sperry Instruments GFI6302 GFCI Outlet Tester) to be sure your wall outlet has a proper ground! There are many grounding kits out there which are overpriced. This is the best way to go then buy multiple grounding plugs, clip each one to the 8 pieces, then just have your skin touch the conducting sheet. Then you and your family can be grounded while sleeping, typing on your computer and watching TV! My sleep is definitely deeper while being grounded all night!


If placed over a cell phone - phone will not receive any signals. It works! :)


I was impressed by the 5 star reviews and decided to take a chance on buying it. The sheet is very thin and is a beautiful low lustre gold colour. Though it is supple enough, you can feel the metal fibres in the fine weave of the textile. I have had this piece hanging on the side of the bed blocking the neighbours WIFI next door. Today I did a test and put my husbands cell phone on the floor under the sheet ,and called the number. The call went straight to voicemail. I took the mat off and dialed again and the phone rang. I did this test 2 more times just to be sure. So happy it really works.

My only worry is that if you have it to block radiation from one (directional) source, you really need to have them all around you to completely block out the other waves. For example. we have 3 cell phone towers close to us - I imagine they are hitting the sheet on one side and the waves are being reflected or bounced off it - onto us sleeping, thereby maximising the radiation. I suppose the EMF blocking curtains would work better for a bed area. a tent shape would work best for the bed area. This is a great 'blanket' for flying and as advertised, to protect babies.

Great customer service:
I wrote to the manufacturer's asking how much of the EMF radiation is blocked by the sheet.
They replied the same day.

Hello A. Eastman

Thanks for your Question. WiFi fields NEED a protection from 40db.That's a minimum. It's necessary to ensure protection.

The Nasafes emf fabric have a shielding effectiveness of 55 - 75 db and can protect to 99%.

But, you need to know, WiFi routers scatter the radiation. The farther you are away from the router, the greater must be the shielding area. See on image attached.

Building materials and their protective properties

WiFi - shielding effectiveness in %
Brick Wall 18 cm = 40%
Reinforced Concrete 16cm = 90%
Solid Wood 16 cm = 80%
Nasafes mat with copper/nickel mesh = 99% (Provided that a large area is covered)

A grounding is required!

If you cover the wall to your neighbor, than please create a connection between the floor and the emf fabric mats. For example, with a simple cable, or the mats themselves.(Simply clipped or glued to the floor)

Please let us know if we can enhance our service to you in any way.

Thank you,



I wrapped my cell phone in the fabric (cell phone is small so obviously there were many layers covering it) and it didn't get a signal when I called it. I folded it into fourths and covered my router with it and the signal on my laptop reduced from 4 bars to 2 bars so it is at least cutting down on the EMF. I fold it up and put it under my laptop when laptop or tablet is on my lap. For the large size it seemed like the best deal. It's crinkly though, so for use on your lap, I like it better with another blanket or pillow on top of it.


Very conductive fabric. 5 star. Works great !

Just received the Fabric. Anxious to try it our for a grounding mat/sheet and found that it works great ! I attached the black prob of my multi meter to to fabric along with the grounding wire alligator clipped to the fabric also. While holding the red prob of the meter between my fingers and standing on the floor in my bedroom, I registered over 4.0 volts. When I laid down in my bed with my feet on the fabric, the reading went down almost immediately to .0028. The fabric is conductive throughout its entire length. You can cut this up into smaller pieces and use to wrap around inflamed areas of the body, chronic pain areas, or just to rest your feet on while reading a book. Excellent for a ground mat or sheet. Washing it may be a problem. You need to get the temp down to under 30 degrees without freezing it.


This is one of the greatest inventions I have seen in a while

This is one of the greatest inventions I have seen in a while. Using this I no longer have to worry about these pesky new technologies invading my privacy and getting all my credit card information. Also it seems to have some health benefits that protect you from these harmful rays our technology gives us. Overall a great buy and easy to cut and use.