Conductive Fabric

High End conductive fabric  42.4

High End conductive fabric 42.4" x 36.2"

Copper and nickel filaments, which are extremely conductive and therefore suitable for absorb electromagnetic fields, are carefully woven into the polyester.

Nickel / Copper Ripstop Fabric

Nickel / Copper Ripstop Fabric

Nasafes fabric products combine highly-conductive metals with lightweight fabrics to provide a robust, cost-effective and easily supplied shielding system.


  • Big Size

    Measuring 42.5 x 36.2 inches, they are ideally suited for use as an grounding.

  • RFID

    By inserting it into your wallet or handbag you can prevent the theft of credit card data

  • All-round

    Can also be cut to desired size. You can sew the fabric

  • Ground Yourself

    Great way to cheaply ground yourself while sleeping or on your computer.


Is the surface of this fabric conductive?

Yes, There is a conductive copper/nickel mesh inside. Interwoven into the polyester.

Is this material washable?

Yes it is washable under 30 degrees. Recommend hand-washing without detergent.

Does it block cellphone signals?

Yes, the copper/nickel mesh inside act like a faraday cage.

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